Searching for data and visualizing results 

This tutorial shows how to use the functionality of the Explorer Page to conduct a search for EO data and to visualise the results. 

Within the Explorer Page the Search Panel and the Result Panel are strictly related, it’s possible to submit a search request to by specifying parameters in the left side of the panel and/or specifying an area of interest on the map.

At the top of the Search Panel three buttons can be used to specify the target type of the search: 

  1. Satellite: By selecting “Satellite Data” the search is sent to all the OpenSearch catalogues configured in the backend. This is the default options and allows to search for a number of satellite missions (e.g. Sentinel-1 & Sentinel-2).
  2. Product: By selecting “Existing Product” the search is sent to the F-TEP system itself. This option restricts search results to only those previous processed on the F-TEP platform. (NB: In this pre-release all the products ingested are shown: the system does not restrict the search on the products created by the user or shared with the user.)
  3. Reference: By selecting “Reference Data” the search is limited to reference data uploaded/configured by the user. 

Under these buttons, the Search Panel shows a set of parameters that can be used to narrow the search to a specific time range and to a specific mission.

To narrow the search to a specific time period, the Search Panel shows two fields to specify the start and stop time.

The “Select Mission” section shows the list of currently available satellite missions: by changing the selected mission the Search Panel shows a relevant selection of parameters.

The Display Panel is tightly integrated with the search panel and the result panel: besides the parameters specified on the left it is possible to narrow the search to a specific area by drawing a polygon or a bounding box on the map. It is also possible to define the Area of Interest (AOI) by uploading a KML file.  

The picture below shows a search for Sentinel-2A products, with an area of interest centred on Mexico and a time of interest ranging from Jan 1st 2016 to Nov 18th 2016 and some results.

To submit the search click the  Search button  at the bottom of the search panel, the system will show a spinner while the search is being submitted and the results collected.

Results are shown on the Display Panel (footprint of the coverage) and listed in the Results Panel below the map.

By clicking on a particular row or rows in the Results Panel, the corresponding map footprint(s) is shown and highlighted on the map.

By clicking on the information link, a popup will appear with some basic information about the selected file and where present, quicklooks.