New services available at Forestry TEP – demonstrated at EGU 2024


We are happy to announce inclusion of three new processing services in the Forestry TEP Offering. The SpectralRecovery, kNearestNeighbours, and Sentinel2ToGeotiff services are now available in all subscription packages. The tools are published in the context of the Pioneer Earth Observation apPlications for the Environment (PEOPLE) Ecosystem Restoration (PEOPLE-ER) project financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and led by Hatfield Consultants from Canada.

SpectralRecovery is an open source and multi-platform EO time series data analytics solution created by University of British Columbia (UBC) and Hatfield Consultants. The tool provides automated analysis of satellite data time series to enable monitoring of vegetation recovery in forested ecosystems. Detailed description of the methodology can be found in the PEOPLE-ER Spectral Recovery Documentation.

kNearestNeighbours is an open-source tool created by VTT for deriving forest structural variable maps by combining field reference data and EO datasets. The service predicts forest properties or other user specified ground variables using the k Nearest Neighbours (kNN) algorithm. Detailed description of the methodology can be found in the PEOPLE-ER k-NN documentation.

Sentinel2ToGeotiff is a supporting tool to enable smooth execution of the other two tools. It creates a GeoTIFF image from Sentinel-2 Level 1C or Level 2A input image with chosen bands and output image resolution. The output images can be directly fed as input for the SpectralRecovery or kNearestNeighbours services.

And this is not all! You will have a chance to hear more about the PEOPLE-ER project and the Spectral Recovery tool, and witness a Forestry TEP demonstration at a splinter meeting workshop at EGU General Assembly 2024 on the 17th April.

Welcome to meet us there and hear more about the project, tools and Forestry TEP!