Platform Subscription

Three subscription packages are available to match the users’ varying needs. The Basic, Standard and Premium packages cater to increasing need of functionality, processing power and storage space. New users are entitled to a 30 days free trial.

For research and pre-commercial use, you may be eligible to receive ESA sponsorship for our offering via the Network of Resources.

30 days trial

  • Software as in the Basic package
  • 25 h processing / month
  • 50 GB Storage
  • Sentinels, Landsat, SRTM
    Data access
  • 2 days
    Online help desk support response time during working days


  • Atmospheric correction software including
    Sen2Corr255, Sen2Corr280, Fmask 4.0
  • Preprocessing and GIS tools:
    SNAP, Monteverdi, QGIS
  • 75 h processing / month
  • 500 GB Storage
  • Sentinels, Landsat, SRTM
    Data access
  • 1 day
    Online help desk support response time during working days


  • Software as in the Basic package + additionally: Image processing tools including ForestChangeS2, LandcoverGeotiff, VegetationIndices
  • 200 h processing / month
  • 1000 GB Storage
  • Sentinels, Landsat, SRTM
    Data access
  • 1 day
    Online help desk support response time during working days


  • Software as in the Standard package
  • 500 h processing / month
  • 10 000 GB Storage
  • Sentinels, Landsat, SRTM
    Data access
  • 1 day
    Online help desk support response time during working days

Discount of 5% is offered on 12 month contracts, and discount of 10% is offered on 24 month contracts. For academic users, a discount of 10% is additionally offered.

Standard processors have 8 cores, 32 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD network storage. More powerful processors can be arranged upon request. Contact us for special quotation.

The packages are subscribed on monthly basis. They are renewed automatically. Subscription can be terminated or changed with a short notice period (minimum five days notice) before the end of your contract. The full price has to be paid upfront. To upgrade your subscription package, please contact the help desk.

Expert services

VTT specialist team is available for training, consulting and other expert services.


Forestry TEP Exploitation Support

In the form of a) tutorials and other documentation and b) direct consultancy to the user.


Feasibility Analysis

To support the assessment of maturity of a processing service for publishing on the platform, we offer due diligence analysis for service onboarding.


Onboarding Support

Recommended as a follow-up to the Feasibility Analysis, to support the service finalization and onboarding.


Customized user trainings

To support the efficient use of the platform. The training events can be fully tailored by the audience and the needs of the users.


Contact us

Sponsorship via the ESA Network of Resources (NoR)

The European Space Agency (ESA) has set up the Network of Resources (NoR) to stimulate the uptake of platform services. Forestry TEP is an eligible service provider in the NoR. For research and pre-commercial uses, our users can therefore apply for NoR sponsorship to cover for the costs of the platform use.

The application process is simple: head to the Sponsoring Wizard for our Platform Package and/or Support Services, enter information about your project and specify the requested F-TEP offering. Then export the application as a document and submit it to ESA via email. Please note that the form currently only allows to select the basic package and a subscription term in full years. To request a tailored offering or duration, please explain this in your application email.

For details, please refer to the Platform Package description (at the previous NoR portal) and the Support Services description. With any questions, feel free to contact us! We will be glad to assist you.