Pecora/ISRSE Conference: cloud platforms, automation, Landsat

The Forestry-TEP platform and Forest Flux assimilation project were presented in the Pecora/ISRSE Conference in October in Baltimore. About five hundred remote sensing scientists mainly from the United States with a moderate attendance from Europe gathered to the 21st Pecora. The event gave a good overview of the major trends of the American optical remote sensing. The radar community participated hardly at all in this conference.

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Analyzing the Gran Canaria fire (17-24 August 2019) in Forestry TEP

It is all about fire these days! Just three weeks ago we showed some images of the Siberian wildfires in our blog, and since then the Amazon fires have been high on the agenda of all news agencies. In the meanwhile, Gran Canaria Island in the Atlantic Ocean near the coast of Northwest Africa experienced one of its most disastrous fires in recent years. Here we illustrate results of some quick analyses on the fire images that we performed using Forestry TEP.

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Forestry TEP services providing satellite-based data to Wuudis forest management solution

One of the greatest benefits of online processing platforms like Forestry TEP (F-TEP) is their connectivity to other online systems used in operational management of forests, enabling efficient and fast cooperation between platforms over the internet. Wuudis Solutions have successfully tested connection to F-TEP, enabling information produced with F-TEP services to be efficiently integrated, used and viewed through the user interface of Wuudis platform.

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Observing Siberian wildfires with Forestry TEP

It is not unusual to have wildfires in Siberia in the dry months of the summer. But this year, hot and dry weather combined with strong winds have fuelled fires to such an extent that a state of emergency has been declared in many parts of Siberia. Forestry TEP provides excellent means to monitor the progress and effects of the fires with direct access to satellite data and a variety of image processing tools available.

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Forest monitoring tools for dry tropical areas

The Satellite Monitoring for Forest Management (SMFM) project is developing tools for monitoring tropical dry forests and supporting countries to develop their Earth Observation (EO) capacity. The users in tropical countries can access and run the SMFM tools implemented on Forestry TEP (F-TEP) using online interface.

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Arbonaut using F-TEP to monitor land use

It happens quite often that you hear the claim that in our era of science and technology, the common man lives amid an overwhelming information flow. With satellites and space technology, we no longer have white areas on the map, in the same way as there was for great explorers some few hundred years ago.

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