This tutorial describes how to access the F-TEP Explorer Page and examine some of its key elements.

The URL of the portal is: Access regquires a user to provide a valid EO-SSO username & password (see Tutorial 1).

After a successful login the browser is redirected to F-TEP portal, which defaults to the Explorer Page.

The Explorer Page is built around the map panel being used both to present results and to trigger search actions.

  • The left column contains a series of panels that allow the user to undertake various activities, including Search, Services, Workspaces, Data and Messages.
    • the ‘Search Panel’ allows the user to search for various datasets, including EO data, Reference Data and Existing F-TEP products.
    • The 'Services Panel' shows available services, which inlcudes Processors and Applications. This is consistent for all users.  
    • The 'Workspaces Panel' allows to specify the parameters of a service and launch a processing. This is generally a temporal area that changes as the user starts or completes processes.
    • The Data and Messages panels open along the bottom of the Display Panel and provide the search results and any messages for the user respectively. These will be updated when the user peforms operations on the portal. 
  • The central area contains the ‘Map Panel’ the map acting both as an input element to specify an area of interest and to show the footprint of the results:depending on the selected entity it can further provide further details.

Other pages that can be accessed include the:

  • Developer: this allow expert users to create his own workflows and services. This page is only visible / accessible for expert users. 
  • Manage / Share: This allows a user to explore the various groups and projects they belong to as well as access their files, databaskets, logs of their run jobs and any services they have created. This page also allows users to share such elements with a selected number of peers.  
  • My Account: this provides the user with a dashboard of Information about their activities on F-TEP including usage stats, profile information and use of ‘TEP Coins’.   
  • Helpdesk: this provides the user with resources to resolve issues, including a Knowledge Base, which contains a database of articles, Vendor, which allows data and service providers to publish their data / services to F-TEP, and Contact Us details.   
  • Admin: This page is only visible / accessible for Administrators.