Key concepts within F-TEP

This page describes some of the concepts or terms that the user will find in the User Portal. These are used to allow the user to help organise and manage their work as well as to share any outputs. 

  • A Databasket is a logical grouping of satellite products and/or F-TEP products and/or reference data held together for a particular purpose. A Databasket is identified by a name and a description. User can view and manage their Databaskets either within the Data Panel or the Manage & Share interface
  • A Data Panel that open along the bottom of the Explorer page and includes details of recent data searches, DataBaskets, Jobs and messages
  • The Developer interface allow a user to create his own workflows and services
  • The Explorer interface is the central interface for a user to select, manage and use data and services
  • A Group is a collection of users with a common interest. Groups allow users to both communicate and share material within a selected number of peers. They are managed via the Manage & Share interface
  • The Helpdesk interface provides material and support to help users perform actions on the F-TEP Portal. It also provides service desk information
  • A Job is a specific data processing activity that has been instigated by the user. Clicking on the Jobs section of the Data Panel allows users to explore Job status
  • The Manage / Share interface lists the various groups that a user’s belongs to. Groups allow users to both communicate and share material within a selected number of peers
  • The Message Panel shows information from the F-TEP system to the user about jobs, projects, databaskets etc. 
  • My Account itnerface provides an overview of a user’s account including profile and F-TEP account activity
  • A Project is a collection of activities that a user has defined to be related. A user can create projects when commencing activities
  • A Serivce is a data processing or visualisation application or workflows made available to the users 
  • The Workspace panel is where the users manage all the activities and entities defined in the system. They can interact with the defined Databaskets associated to the current project here.