Creating and managing databaskets 

A Databasket is a logical grouping of satellite data and/or F-TEP products and/or reference data held together for a particular purpose. A Databasket is identified by a name and a description.

By selecting a number of products in the Result Panel and clicking on the shopping cart button it is possible to create a Databasket containing the selected products.


The below image shows the panel to assign a name and a description to the databasket containing the products highlighted above.

The Databasket panel allows managing and/or creating Databaskets. The panel lists the all the Databaskets created by the user.

For each Databasket the available actions are detailed below.

  • Load/Unload: All the products contained in the Databasket are loaded/unloaded in the map
  • Clone: Create a new Databasket with the same content of the selected one. The user can specify the name and the description of the new Databasket.
  • Delete: The Databasket is deleted. The user can confirm the action.
  • Edit: Modify the name and the description of the Databasket.

A Databasket can be used as input for a processing, thus allowing launching a service or a graphical application on several files. The following picture shows the content of the datbasket "finland" loaded on the map and used as input of the service Sentinel-2 Toolbox.

NB: In this pre-release version-1 only Databaskets containing satellite products and products created by F-TEP itself are available. 

It is possible to modify the content of a Databasket at any time after its creation. Moreover it's possible to create a Databasket containing mixed content, the sequence of pictures below shows the addition of a Sentinel-2 product to the Databasket "Finland" shown above containing Sentinel-1 products.

Selection of a databasket (Finland).

The following picture shows the result set of a search for Sentinel-2 products, the item highlighted is added to the selected Databasket as shown in the tooltip of the button.

The following picture shows the content of the "Finland" Databasket after the addition of the Sentinel-2 product.

As well as managing within the Explorer interface, Databaskets can also be created, deleted, and managed with the Manage / Share interface, as shown below: