EO Open Science - Trainings - System update

Topical items including EO Open Science, new trainings and system updates are explained in this post.

  1. EO Open Science
    In the EO Open Science 2017 conference next week, you can meet us at the exhibition/demo area during the afternoons. There will also be live streaming from the event; a Forestry TEP presentation is scheduled for 26 Sep at 9:30 CEST.
    Note: You have an opportunity to get dedicated hands-on support in using F-TEP -- such as in creating processing services -- in a separately arranged room. Contact us to arrange this!

  2. Trainings
    We have scheduled further trainings, including new Advanced Trainings. You can check the training times and sign up by sending an email. We are interested to hear which topics you would like to be covered in the Advanced Trainings.

  3. System update
    The Forestry TEP platform has recently been updated to v1.1.0 and then to v1.1.1 to improve stability, usability and performance - check the links to see an overview of the improvements made.
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