The primary overall usage scenarios of Forestry TEP are

  1. Efficiently generating forest information products based on satellite data,
  2. Developing and sharing new processing services on the platform, and
  3. Producing and publishing generated data products via the platform.

The Forestry TEP provides to its users the functionality outlined below. The functionality is more closely explained in the user manual and other supporting material. Please see the following subsections for introduction to Processing services and Software toolboxes, and then head over to the Community section for more information.

  • Access to relevant EO data
  • Efficient data exploitation
  • Various EO and GIS toolboxes
  • Use of (own) in-situ data
  • Simple user interface and procedure for basic tasks
  • Advanced features for more complex tasks
  • Visual analysis
  • Product accuracy assessment
  • Data management
  • Service development
  • Sharing/licensing products & services
  • Accounting
  • Collaborative working
  • Community features
  • Support helpdesk


In addition to the Sentinel satellite data from the Copernicus programme, other free of charge and commercial datasets are considered based on demand, such as the ones below.

Sentinel-1 (radar data)ALOS PALSAR
Sentinel-2 (optical data)JERS
ERS-1/2 SARSpot
Envisat ASARSAOCOM (future)
DEM (various)RapidEye / Planet