Running the Monteverdi Application within F-TEP

This service runs the Monteverdi application in the browser on any image either produced inside the F-TEP system or resulting from a query. The Monteverdi application, provided within the Orfeo Toolbox v 5.8.0, is a GUI that allows users to view, edit and analyize imagery and data within F-TEP.   

The below tutorial shows how to select and open data from F-TEP in Monteverdi - comprehensive advice about how to use Monteverdi within the Orfeo Toolbox is provided here.  

Accessing F-TEP Explorer and selecting data 

Access the F-TEP Explorer page using the url: A valid user username/password is required - see previous tutorial (Accessing F-TEP & creating an account).

Perform a search specifying either an area of interest or a filter on products (for guidance see previous tutorial - Searching for data) . The picture below shows the result of a search for Sentinel-2 products.

Service Selection  

Open the Services panel on the left of the F-TEP Explorer page and within the GUI Applications select the MonteVerdiAppV2 service.

Start the Monteverdi Job 

To define the input of the selected service a user can directly drag into the inputFile field the result(s) of a search or a result within the Databasket.


After filling the form containing the parameters of the service, by clicking the “Execute” button the service is started by the system and the user can follow the processing in the “JOB” panel.

The JOB panel shows all the run of services provide by F-TEP performed grouped by the server name. The Monteverdi service just launched can be found in the Monteverdi section of the JOB panel.

The job is identified by a number (Job ID, 1054 in the picture above) and in a few seconds - depending on the nature of the service and on the size of the  inputs - cycle through three different states:

  1. Fetching data
  2. Processing
  3. Completed

Graphical application - like MonteVerdi - while in status "Processing" allows the user to open in the browser the interface of the application and to directly use the selected inputs. When the running MonteVerdi application reaches Processing status, an icon is showed: the picture below show the icon and its tooltip (Go To GUI).

By clicking on the "Go To GUI" button a user is presented - in a new window - a login panel to access the graphical interface of the MonteVerdi application. The picture below shows the login page: by clicking OK button a user directly access the Monteverdi interface.

The picture below shows the Monteverdi interface opened in the browser: all the functionalities of the application are directly accessible. 

To open the selected image as a raster layer in Monteverdi  "S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160417T193751_R137_V20160417T111159_20160417T111159.xml", in the top bar menu  

  • open "File" menu 
  • select "Open fIle" 
  • select "S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160417T193751_R137_V20160417T111159_20160417T111159.xml"
  • select open.

In a few seconds, dpending on the size of the file, the image will open in MonteVerdi.  

Open the folder S1A_IW_GRDH_1SSV_20151214T001822_20151214T001834_009030_00CF4C_7CAA and select the tiff image and press the Open button: in a few seconds, depending on the size of the image a user will see the tiff image in QGIS.