During the development project (2015-2018), two extensive pilots were conducted: one in Mexico on the subject of carbon monitoring for climate change reporting, and another in Finland on the subject of operational forest management. More precisely, the Mexican pilot concerns mapping of forest cover and forest cover change in the states of Chiapas and Durango in Mexico, whereas the Finnish pilot concerns mapping of harmful broadleaved shrubs in forest regeneration areas.

Both pilot activities have been successfully completed. The pilot work was performed by the project coordinator VTT in cooperation with the pilot partners. The Finnish pilot on shrub mapping has given ground to operational use by the Finnish Forestry Centre.

Pilot 1 - Mapping forest cover and its change in Mexico, states of Chiapas and Durango
Area 73,311 km2 (Chiapas) and 123,317 km2 (Durango)
Key satellite dataESA Sentinel-1 data (SAR), ESA Sentinel-2 (optical, over one state)
Reference data1: Durango university ground sample network 2: Data (crowdsourcing) from ESA EducEO pilot 3: NFI plots from Chiapas (optionally)
Key usersMinistry of Environment and Natural History of the state government of Chiapas University of Durango Several Mexican NGO’s

Pilot 2 - Mapping of harmful broadleaved shrubs on regeneration areas, Finland
Area338,424 km² (TBD according to user preferences)
Key activityMapping degree of shrub damage on regeneration areas for decision support in forest management
Key satellite dataESA Sentinel-2 data (optical)
Reference data1: Finnish Forestry Centre’s stand database
2: Data collected by the Forestry Centre during standard field work
Key usersFinnish Forest Centre (part of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)