Running a Service on the F-TEP portal 

The F-TEP portal allows the user to run a selection of algorithms on the results of a search and/or on products ingested in F-TEP itself; moreover it’s possible to upload and test processors on the platform.

Available algorithms (known as Services) are shown in the in the ‘Service Panel’. Clicking on the ‘info’ icon shows a brief description of the service.

Services are classifed into different groups:

  • Algorithms Services - which are interactive open-source applications run inside F-TEP platofrm, such as SNAP or QGIS
  • Processors Services - which are run on the F-TEP platform as single stage processors, such as Land cover mapping or Vegetation Indices 
  • Bulk Processor Services - which are processor services designed for bulk / large volume processing 

When a service is selected the 'Workspace’ panel will open so the user can define the parameters needed for the service to run. 

To define the inputs a user can drag into the input box

  • any result(s) of a search (within the Search Panel)
  • an item contained in a Databasket
  • a Databasket to add at once all the items contained