Users and Benefits

Forestry TEP serves users whose expertise is in forestry rather than Earth Observation, as well as academic users, remote sensing professionals and service providers. The targeted users range from UN REDD and other international programmes to national forest inventories, universities and research centers, forest managers, value adding industry, land use planning and nature conservation agencies, and sustainable development NGO’s. Forestry TEP is being closely coordinated with the FAO and JRC forest monitoring activities and the Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI).

Benefits that the platform can offer to its users include:

  • Access to data with easy search functions
  • Access to already available products
  • Computing hardware
  • Software ready-to-use without need for installation
  • Readily available services
  • Easy download for computed products
  • Possibility to upload own applications
  • Global marketing channel for products and services
  • User and service provider networking forum
  • One-stop-shop for forestry remote sensing services!

There is a growing amount of user organizations already on the platform. We plan to organize online user training sessions for both new and current users.

Forestry users