Processing Services

Forestry TEP offers advanced forest analysis services that implement complete Earth Observation (EO) data processing chains, starting from data preprocessing to final product calculation. The initial service footprint is designed to match with the needs of the project pilots in Mexico and Finland, and it includes:

Service Source Data
Basic mapping of tropical forest coverSentinel-1 (satellite SAR)
Basic mapping of forest coverSentinel-2 (satellite optical)
Mapping bi-temporal forest cover changeSentinel-2 (satellite optical)
Vegetation indices (NDVI etc.)Sentinel-2 (satellite optical)
Forest biomass estimations (prototype)Sentinel-1 (satellite SAR)

Depending on the service and the type of input satellite imagery and reference data, these operations include such tasks as radiometric, geometric or atmospheric correction, image orthorectification, model training, and image segmentation and classification.

A range of potential further services is being considered. We will gladly hear your specific needs or offering.

The AutoChange software by VTT is additionally made available as a processing service on the platform -- free of charge until further notice. AutoChange is a tool for change detection from two time instant images, where the output change map indicates change and change magnitude.

The possibility for Forestry TEP users to develop and publish new services, as well as to share them on either free or commercial basis, is one of the most important functionalities of the platform.