You are welcome to attend our online Introductory Trainings and Advanced Trainings. Sign up by sending us a message via the contact form, indicating which session you would like to participate.

Introductory Trainings

Summary of the contents of Introductory Trainings:

  • Brief introduction to Forestry TEP and its current status
  • Acquiring a user account and accessing F-TEP
  • User interface
  • Available services, applications and data
  • Demo on using a processing service (VegetationIndices)
  • Demo on using an application (QGIS, SNAP)
  • Collaboration and management features 
  • Developer features (brief intro)

Advanced Trainings

The Advanced Trainings have a key focus in the developer features that enable creation and publishing of processing services. You are welcome to influence the design of these trainings and suggest other topics by contacting us.