NOTE: An updated user manual is now made available as a pdf document.
Please use this User Manual v2019.10, instead of the (outdated) online version that follows here below.
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The pre-release version of the portal exposes a first set of functionalities and processes that can be run on a growing set of data. In this initial phase the platform can leverage a limited amount of resources and data: in the upcoming releases both the data and the resources will be increased.


The first version of Forestry-TEP provides a limited amount of resources to the users, namely in terms of computing power the platform exposes:

  • RAM      :  64        GB
  • CPU       : 16         vCPUs (2.60Ghz)
  • Storage  : 4           TB          

Note : In this pre-release version, dynamical allocation of resources and enforcing of user quotas is still being consolidated: to ensure fair use of the platform users are requested not to use more than 500 Gb of storage and to avoid running more than one processing at a time.

Input Data

In terms of input data, the platform gives access to Sentinel-1Sentinel-2 data as well as some Landsat-5, -7 and -8 data (extent of coverage, both in time and space, TBC).


To help users understand the capabilities of F-TEP and to perform various common tasks, the following tutorials have been prepared:


F-TEP will provide a number of end-to-end processors and GUI applications to allow users to fully explore and use the available data. These include: 

Service development

To develop processing services on the platform - for himself or to be shared - the user needs to request an elevated user role via the contact form. Then the user can proceed to developing services with guidance from the following tutorial: