Self-supervised learning (SSL) in Earth Observation based forest inventory – workshop

On May 4th, 2023, an online workshop on Self-supervised learning (SSL) in Earth Observation based forest inventory was conducted by VTT and the ESA RepreSent project consortium.

Altogether 103 participants registered for the Workshop, with more than 85 people attending live, in addition to organisers and presenters. Attendees included forestry academic researchers and practitioners, GIS and remote sensing professionals as well as AI4EO researchers from many European countries and beyond. Thank you again to the attendees for showing interest in our work.

The programme featured an overview of the ESA Represent project (presented by Matthieu Molinier, VTT and Octavian Dumitru, DLR), followed by Introduction to Earth Observation for Forestry (presented by Jukka Miettinen, VTT), Introduction to SSL (Devia Tuia, EPFL), presentation of methodology developments achieved in the RepreSent project (Lloyd Hughes, EPFL and Oleg Antropov, VTT). Further, Jukka Miettinen and Lauri Seitsonen gave an overview of Forestry TEP, and organized a live demonstration of general-purpose software and SSL tools implemented on the platform, as well as the F-TEP developer toolkit.

Links to presentation PDFs can be found through the links below:

Welcome and ESA RepreSent project introduction   Matthieu Molinier, Oleg Antropov, VTT, Octavian Dumitru, DLR
Forest inventory using EO data   Jukka Miettinen, Oleg Antropov, Tuomas Häme, VTT
Self-supervised learning in Earth Observation   Devis Tuia, EPFL
MoCo & MAML models in forest mapping using Copernicus Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 data   Lloyd Hughes, Marc Russwurm, Devis Tuia, EPFL
UNet+ models with multi-source EO data for forest inventory   Oleg Antropov, VTT
DCVA approaches for forest change detection using Copernicus Sentinel images   Ridvan Kuzu, DLR, Oleg Antropov, VTT
F-TEP introduction and tools overview   Jukka Miettinen, Lauri Seitsonen, Renne Tergujeff, VTT

Follow-up questions and enquiries can be sent to the workshop organisers, Oleg Antropov ( and Matthieu Molinier (